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Nunchuk+I2C+CtCs Head Programming

So I read yesterday the Wii Nunchuk is I2C compatible.  I've been slowly working into the I2C protocol and the idea of storing preprogrammed "moves" is very appealing.  Ill be using an Arduino and ultimately my question is, can the Nunchuk act like the 3 axis model of Walters head ctC made to capture information?  I dont see why it wouldnt in theory but Ill know soon enough, my Nunchuk connector should be here soon.   

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 This is a funny post... I am working on walter's new head programmer right now!




The joystick is from a playstation remote and covers nod and tilt --eventually it will have a mini walter head on it. Rotate is covered by the pot attached to the small gear and the gear increase is to turn a 3/4-turn pot into a 1/2-turn pot. Ha-Ha!

At any rate, the whole "record head moves to EEPROM" thing is really simple... The EEPROM addresses simply click by sequentially, and at each address the posistion of the 3 axis is written. The posistion values are just 3 variables coming in from pots plugged into ADC channels.

In terms of using the nunchuck, it really just comes down to getting some values outta your acelormeters. That's how it works, right? I would think the i2c writing would be the easy part, and so far it seems you have been able to get data from your nunchuck --it was you that did the "keep the guy level" post, right? I'd be happy to help in any way, but again as I said, the EEPROM part is the easy chunk and that's the only part I know. --Good luck, yo.

My Wii Nunchuck clone arrived today. Any links to pages about the protocol?

Here are 2 links for the Wii Nunchuk Data Protocol and Programm code (Arduino, PICBASIC):

I have done some investigation by myself with the Wii Nunchuk and the Wii Remote but only in German language. When I have the time I will post a Tip/Walkthrough here at LMR. So here are the google translated articles:



Good stuff. That clears up why my nunchu(c)k has 5 wires where I could only find 4 documented!!
When I read the title of this post I thought someone was going to program CTCs head! Watch out for men with white coats Chris!