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Cheap geared motors supplier?

Anyone know of the super-duper cheapest place I can get geared motors? I am looking for something 6-12v, geared, with a final drive of somewhere around 100rpm... C'mon, yo -Somebody's got to have a wicked-good link, right?

--$16 a pop is too much...

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what about a windsreen wiper motor? dont know if thats what ur after but there pretty powerfull

You mght be able to get away with mounting 1 large gear to the end of the threaded rod and one small gear to the motor output, with a 10:1 ratio and a strong RC/Hobby motor you could probably spin the rod pretty well. A belt and pully might work too.



Yeah, I saw those too... I get the catalog. A little TOO heavy-duty, at least when spun by a motor costing less than 10 bucks! Man, at the rate I'm going, walter is going to weigh 200 pounds when I'm done!
Here's some pretty strong looking Acme threaded screw and nut, just need motor and coupler.
Did you ever get rid of those big chain tracks? If you still have them, and want to stick them in the same box as the motor and lead-screw, I think I might have a use for them...

I thought about those, I tried using them back in my car stereo days.. Standard problem though, they are almost never stand alone parts, always built into the seat... Remember back-in-the-day whey things were held together with screws and had individual parts instead of the motor being built directly into the chassis? --You could even just go to the hardware store and get a "switch" for your stove!



Hey, I didn't notice your link to the picture at first... I have never seen seat screw-jacks like that before, --as stand alone units. All the one's I've tried to harvest before were all built in. Huh, might be worth a trip to the junk yard...

While you're at it you may want to check for power window motors too.

Be ready though, at least three (Ford) trucks I've been around getting into the doors required drilling holes to access the window motor bolts. Silly Ford apparently mounts the motors before skinning the door. One (the '92 Bronco) had centers pre-punched in the right locations. The other two (early and mid 90's Rangers) had no punches. If you are proficient at wrenching-by-braille and cursing it is possible to remove the motors without drilling, at the expense of about 4x the time spent, scratched-to-hell arms, and a sore back ;)

I was thinking that power seat motors might be a possible solution, though they might pull some Amps. Might take wandering through a salvage yard for a while, or just call them to ask what they may have for how much. 
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