Let's Make Robots!

My first Robot! Looks familiar!

Uses Ultrasound to navigate as per the Tutorial code

My first Robot, made with the "Start Here" project :)


I added a switch in the little box between the motors which houses some of the wires.

The box

I'm not sure if adding a switch directly on the power wire is the right thing to do, but it works :)

Also i wasn't too sure about wire sizes. I have been robbing wires and connectors from old PC's and stuff around the house :) The wires on the motors are hard drive power wires. They seem a bit thick, will that make less power get to the motors?  The wire from inside CAT5 seems quite good, would that work for these sort of projects?

I tried to use plugs and connectors where I could so I could easily change things around.

An important lesson I learned was planning the layout of your parts.  I found it takes 2 seconds to stick a motor or sensor in place with doublesided foam tape...  It takes 5 minutes to get it off and remove the tape when you stick it in the wrong place! :)

Any how, My first robot and my first venture into the land of forums too, so please be kind :)

Thank you to Frits for the tutorial and everyone who commented there Great job !


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looks great
the wireing looks realy clean!! nice job!

Very nice job!!

- And now for the fun part, programmig it :D (And video!)

You nailed it, yo.
  Thanks for the comments and the tips :) I already snapped a few single core wires at the joints and i hadnt though of the problems that would cause if the break were hidden in the insulation.  I did start to modify the code from the tutorial, but I am struggling a bit. So I think I will go back to the very basics and start from the ground up using the tutorial as reference. Once I have it wandering again I will post Video :)
Good job! I really like the way you've arranged the components!

hay guys , i m a  beginner robot builder. Can u please post the source code. i would highly appreciate it

thanks in advance ! :)


Could you email me the source code you refer to in your description, I want to implement it into my circuit, I want to get some type of guideline with the code for the ultrasonic sensor.






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