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Foldie Fences for Robots

Portable, store-able, fences for robots

So I got sick of finding books, empty cases of beer and various planks of crap to use to keep bots from running into furniture and the like. I though for a while and decided I needed something I could set-up and take down quickly not to mention rearange quickly to test different robot situations. I.e. testing "stuck in a corner" code and the like. I came up with this and it has been treating me well.

Steps, YO!

  • Rip some plywood. I used 1/2" because that what was free from the jobsite. Rip it into widths that, when on edge, they will be seen by your distance sensors.
  • Cut them into lengths. Mine are for Walter who needs a lot of room, so I cut 2' and 4' lengths
  • Affix the corners using nylon webbing. I happened to have some on hand but you can get some (usally by the foot) at any camping store. Now, I have a fancy-schmancy pnumatic stapler, but you can use a regular one. --Not the paper kind but the one that has the handle you have to squeeze really hard. I dunno about screws, it seems they might wrap themselves around the fibers of the webbing.
  • If you attach 3 or more "panels" together, alternate the webbing from end-to-end so the unit will fold-up. Also, if you want to open the unit past 180 degrees (i.e. in a triangle) be sure to leave a little slack in the webbing between panels
  • Umm, I think that might be it

Pictures, YO!









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So I really want at least single bevel for cutting skirting board?
Might use 1x12 or 1x10 lumber as an alternative.