Let's Make Robots!

Rebel, first attempt at building a robot.

Line following, Driving around free with obstacle avoidance

This is a first attempt at building a robot. For now it is able to follow a line, and to drive around free with obstacle avoidance. In the near future I will program it to follow someone/thing, and in the far future I will try to let it solve a maze. ie. find it's predefined goal in a maze. The programming bit wasn't the hardest for me as I am studying Computer Science. It was the electronics that I really had to dive into. But in the end that was also not the hardest. I really enjoyed building my first robot and I think many will follow.

The parts that I used for this robots are:

  1. Mini Bot Board II
  2. Atom Basic Pro
  3. 2x Continous rotation servo
  4. 1x 180 degree servo
  5. Ping))) Ultra Sound sensor
  6. Tracker sensor (3x Infrared sensors)

I am already busy in designing a wooden chasis for it. So the Rebel II is already being desinged. I hope I can soon upload some videos of it running. Also I will make the source code available if someone is interested.

Tell me what you think of it? some suggestions for improvement, critisism, all is welcome.


added 3 videos. In the first video rebel is following a line. In the second one it is navigating around and avoiding obstacles. In the third video, at the end, the batteries fell off and he dragged his guts around :P