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need some advice on my start here robot

hey guys,

well...i think i broke something on my picaxe, i was trying to make the start here robot but as its my first time with electronics and soldering i guess something went wrong...

everything runs nice except my left wheel, i first thought the motor was broken but after some tryings it seems that  the hole just next to the letter 'B'  doesnt work at all (the other B hole, the one next to the edge of the cards works fine).

Soldering was quite painful to me so i guess i burnt something :/

anyway, i was wondering if there were another way to get that 'B' motor go forward AND backward, i managed to make it go one way but i'm quite pessimistic here

also, could my issue comes from L293 ? i tend to think that if l293 was broken none of the motor would work, am i right?

thx for attention and sry for my frencheled  english

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There might be possible program probems or the L293D could be partially damaged. Are you using the start here program? There might be someone that could write a simpler program to simply turn the motors back and forth as a test. It could even be a bad connection from the PICAxe chip to the L293D. If you have a meter, you could watch the pin voltages from the PICAxe to the control pins of the L283D, shown on page 4 of this datasheet. Pins 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the PICAxe are to connect to pins 2,7,11,and 15 of the L293D. Pins 6 and 7 of the PICAxe control the B motor by changing pins 9 and 15 of the L293D. If the 2 pins are different, one near 5 volts and the other near 0 volts, the motor should turn one direction. If the 2 pins are switched on voltages, the motor should turn the other direction. If both the same, the motor should stop.

Do you have a breadboard? If so, you can use that to test the L293. And no, the L293 is actually 2 circuits combined, one of which might not work.

-If it does work, you can then test both your motors on it.

-If THAT works, you can take a small piece of perfboard and rebuild the circuit on that. (the schematic for the motor driver is in the little manual that came with the board.)

 Don't give up.