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hi its me fahad does anyone has maake a ir object tracking system ...if any one then i tell me the proceddure how to make how i use processor servo picaxe etc.......if any one make it then contact me.....

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The Tip/walkthrough mentioned above has all the information you need. It works like a line follower except that it follows the IR reflected from the target. If this does not help you then the project may be beyond your ability at this time.


hi its me fahad i am really interested an also in a mood to make a object tracking system but how how ....i have no such time because my paper is too close and i want to make as soon as possible kindly help me to make and tell me the whole procedure step by step and how servo is use and picaxe too...................wats is coding
Leaving your homework to the last minute and then asking people on the internet to do it for you?