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I thought i would move this to here for now as its taking up space on the home page that could be used by more interesting proects. 



Ive been racking my brain lately trying to think up a long term project to get into. Id had the idea of building an autonomous aircraft for some while. Then last night i had the idea of making an aircraft that can deliver a packedge to a pre determined location. The outline of my plan so far is to use an RC aircraft body as the basis for this. and add some kind of navigation system using a GPS module for positioning, a beagle board for the main bran and some kind of comms module so that i can monitor it in real time. I  will aslo need to modify the body to have some kind of payload area as well as a system for ejecting the cargo. 

My kit list so far is: 


RC plane

GPS module

Beagle board

CMOS camera for real time footage

comms module for monitoring

Google maps intigration 


The goals i have set my self are to have an aircraft flying with custom controls and a video feed within 4 months. Then within a month of this i would like to have it doing pre defined routes round a local field.


My first goal is to develop the communications system to enable me to:

recieve video and data from the aircraft

send commands to the aircraft 


I will be picking the cmos camera up today so that i can see what sort of wireless connection i am going to need between the two.


If anyone has any hints, tips or ideas for this then please share them  






Ok my cmos camera has arrived: 



Its the same as that one but with a longer lens on it.


Ive been reading up on how to get the signal from the camera to my computer. I think i can use an atmega 32 to deal with the sgnal from the camera and pass it to a wireless device to go back to my laptop. Ive found this board:



which has built in support for easy radio modules, im yet to find out wether they are nough to transmit the video signal.


Has anyone here had any experience with the beagle board? 



It looks like a good option as the brain for my project.  

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