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BlinkM - Smart LED

Vendor's Description: 

BlinkM is a "Smart LED", a programmable full-color RGB LED. It is controlled from a small AVR microcontroller (ATtiny45). The user can control the RGB LED over a I2C interface. Multiple BlinkMs can be connected together on the same I2C bus.

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I used two BlinkM inside this cube, the effect was great.. It is a shame I still didn't edited the video until now.
been using them for a while now real neat to use with arduino.

I ordered a handful of these last week, and am expecting them any day now as they shipped on Saturday. I wanted them for a Donald Judd style "art" project that I have had on the back burner for about a year now.

I'm not sure how bright they will be, but hope they will be bright enough to be noticable indoors in normal evening lighting.

USD13 sounds like a lot. I paid GBP8 at Amazon.co.uk, which is about USD8 today. And, I got free shipping.

BlinkM's arrived today. Hope to get them running tonight - from a PicAxe 28X board

Update #1:

Got one BlinkM working. Managed to run a preloaded script issue a single command. LED not as bright as I had hoped, but may still work for my project. I need to make some daisy-chain cables, and determine the maximum cable length.

The 4k7 pull-up resisitors seem to overcome the pull-down resisitors built into the project board. I feel something bad could happen here.

Update #2:

I found an i2c "manual" using Google. Seems that the maximum length of the i2c bus is determined by the capacitance of all the devices and cabling. But, 50m should be OK, and 100m may be possible. Device speed does not seem to be a determining factor.

you can't look directly at them they are that bright, at least mine is. :)