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YAABR - Yet another Arduino based robot

Line following, can be remote controlled via Bluettooth

YAABR is my first Arduino based robot. The name is an abbreviation for yet another Arduino based robot. It is a multipurpose platform for experimentation. With its Bluettoth Interface it can be controlled remotely from a PC oder a PDA,  it it also possible to reprogram the main controller over Bluettoth, no cable needed.

Construction Update!

For the first time I am creating a robot with a CAD program. I use Google SketchUp for this. OK, some changes were made during design, but the main construction is the same.



For processing it has an Arduino BT as main controller and an Baby Orangutan B-168 as motor controller. The motor controller is programmed as a I2C Slave device. All coding has been done in Arduino C/C++.


At the moment:

  • Sharp GP2D12 IR range detector
  • a linefollower sensor build from 2 CNY70  IR reflex optocouplers.

later on:

  • wheel encoders will be added to the motor controller. 
  • a pan/tilt camera head with a wireless camera 

yaabr front view


The GM9 motors build the base driving system.

In its finished state the robot will have 4 servos. At the moment there is only one servo for the Sharp IR sensor. The other servo were planned for a pan/tilt camera head and a pen up/down holder.

A BlinkM "smart LED" will illuminate the robots underground.  

Proto Shield

The Protoboard shield on the Arduino BT has a seperate power  supply input (4,8V) for the servo motors. Standard 3 pin Headers (Signal VCC, GND) are available for all digital and analog ports. Two I2C headers and a spare 8pin DIP for a I2C EEPROM are also available.

proto shield



Sorry folks, no video available at the moment. I just started beginning programming. 

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Looks good so far!!! Good Work, now I just wanto to see a video, very good structure... ;)



nice servo chip thingy. its from parallax rite? because for some cpu of the parallax there colored blue.


The blue board is just a Arduino prototype shield with the connectors for servos and sensors. It is stacked on the Arduino BT board. I need to make more pictures.
nice base

can you put the schematic of how you wired the arduino protoshield to give external power to the servos? I am planning to run 8 servos with an arduino. I dont think I can power them all from the arduino, I would rather user external power.

Here is a schematic for the servo protoshield. A jumper has been used to select between external/internal power for the digital inputs. Hope this helps.