Let's Make Robots!

Hi, I'm still here!

I bet you're all wondering, "hey, why isn't Zanth around posting bots anymore?"

Well, truth be told, I haven't touched my projects since graduation. Searching madly for a job has taken precedence over everything else. Now that I have a job (!) I decided it would be great to get back into things.

I started by completely taking apart Mortimer's circuits. One reason why I haven't wanted to work on him is that it's so darn hard to troubleshoot him on the tiny PCB I originally bought. I've bought a bigger PCB and can now lay everything out. I don't have any pictures of it yet, but it is definitely MUCH prettier than the former circuit.

I took some pictures at my work I thought I might share in absence of new Mort pics. Unfortunately, I can't take pics of my project, y'know with the whole NDA thing, but since I'm in a hangar I get to see some awesome new/used helicopters, jet/prop planes, and the BIGGEST FRIGGIN' BATTERY I'VE EVER SEEN.

I look forward to updating Mort's status in the coming week.

'Ta :)








I really need to get a closer picture of this guy. He looks to me like a spaniard in full armor, but instead of him holding a sword, he's holding calipers. Too freakin' cool.

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Good to hear that we'll be seeing more of your Bots.

What do they use that battery for? 

the fork lift thats carrying it probably uses a similar battery. you should check out the ones at Home Depot, the batteries take up the entire center portion.

I have no clue, I was just blown away when I realized that it WAS a battery.

Maybe I'll ask someone if I see them in the hangar. It's usually pretty empty.

Maybe for those tugs that move jumbo jets round airports - aren't some of those electrically driven?
The big arse batteries I've been around were for forklifts, functioning as the power supply and the counterweight.

As in "What kind of chicken would it take to put that big ass egg up the first chicken's cloaca?"

Or some variation thereoff.

That gives me the strangest visual... except an egg it's the giant battery.

Ugh... I'm scarred for life now :P

Need big paper weights.

That's pretty awesome. That bigass battery -- I'd guess it's for starting big engines when the batteries are dead? Or maybe for a mobile engine preheater, if the plane isn't parked in range of an outlet. I'm curious to hear what it's for. And see if you can find out how many amp-hours it holds :)