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IR reflective sensors QRD1113/1114 - How high off floor

Simple Question:-

I am programming an Arduino as a line follower using  5 IR reflective sensors QRD1113/1114 made into a fixed in-line bar style rig

How far from the ground do they need to be placed for best response (ie black line on white surface) ?

(do they need high flyer 1-2cm or low rider 1mm)



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 Google the data sheet. What does the data sheet say?

The Fairchild datasheet gave a real strange value which gave me a head scratch.

It was only when i zoomed into the pdf that i noticed that the strange squiggly lines after the 0.05(") indicated it was measured in inches - (europeans expect mm :-)- so mystery solved.

0.05" = 1.27mm


QRD 1113 collector current =0.300ma at distance=0.05" , IF=20mA,Vce=5V 

QRD 1114 collector current =1.000ma at distance=0.05" , IF=20mA,Vce=5V 

by my experience:

5 mm max for realiable operation

10 mm  may work too, but you have very slight sensitivity

I think i will make some sort of Screwed Height adjust covering from floor to 10mm

I am using the QTR sensors from Pololu. These have the QRE1113 as sensor. Best distance from ground is about 1..3mm. I think the QRD1114 will be the same, only with different housing.


Data sheet indicates a value 1.27 which is roughly between your 1..3mm - thinking about it i will try and make it screw-adjustable.