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Big Dog - Amazing Robotics - Extreme Balance at its Best

Amazing Video showing what can be really done with robots.

The Balance system on this robot is unbelievable.

Its able to cope with steep inclines - Snow - Ice.

It can Run.

It weighs 235LBS and can carry a 350LBS payload

It can also jump 0.5 Meter

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and check the very new BigDog video!!



i heared that america troops will use it for next war,,is that right?
Yes however from Rudolphs film - there are also British troops walking with the BigDog :-(

I don't think I could stay standing if someone kicked me like that, even on dry ground.

It also recently set some record by running 12 miles without human assistance.

For 12 miles there must be some kind of pnematic system i guess - from the strange whirring sound - any ideas.....

This could also be used as a recovery unit with this range - i am gob smacked.

Ie. give it a GPS co-ord and and press the fetch button - no human interaction - wow .....