Let's Make Robots!

Electronics can.... "lubricate" the mind.

I've been working at my new job for two weeks and all is going great, until I start making some power cables that have a gasket I just can't get around the diameter of the cable. I don't have strong manly arms, just puny girly arms. I was trying to think of what would work best. All I had around was dishsoap; wasn't able to use that because it's slightly conductive.

I decided it would be best (and cheap) to just get some mineral oil. Non-conductive and a great lubricant!


I did a search and the only non-scented mineral oil I could find was at Walgreens...
...in the laxative section.

I was tempted to waddle in there and ask loudly if this would help to the cashier.

I'm finding that one is having to become more and more inventive when dealing with electronics.

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You might run into OddBot at the store stocking up on sunscreen for thermal paste.
I use fender washers as heat sinks.
And lets not forget the omnipotent paint stick !

Some trace memory tells me that some mineral oils are corrosive to plastic (and human flesh?).

I'm not sure what voltage you are working with, but the electricians that worked for me use undiluted washing-up liquid to ease mains cables (240V - 30A). (This trick also works well on all sorts of plastic pipes and gaskets used in plumbing.)

I don't believe it's a corrosive if you are told to drink it for constipation.... I figured it would work because of all the computers I've seen submerged in mineral oil.

Seems to have worked for these guys .  Here it is after a year .