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LittleDog Robot - Creepy but Cute 4 legged Robot

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I seen this video a long time back.  I thought it was a bit unusally too.  You will be suprise of all the weird and really cool robots that are on youtube though.
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Cool guys, i didn't want to start some troll about internet browsers :) , and i'm not telling that firefox doesn't work, just that my firefox is having some problems those days with embed videos, and i'm sure it's my fault ('cause i have a lot of plug-in), but i can't figure out why (and i know that i just should reinstall it).

And i don't think it's a question of video codec, it's more something with flash...

Anyway, the links do work, and you're right, he's cute end creepy as the same time! (just like me according to my girlfriend... and i'm not sure about how i'm supposed to take that... ^^ )

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I've had probs with Flash in Firefox occasionally, and go to Tools menu, then Add-Ons, then the Plug-ins, then highlight Shockwave Flash, disable it, wait til it shows done, then re-enable it, and all works again.
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Will try it for a while for impression.

Google is my default search engine anyway......

plays the above videos no problem. 

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chrome!! fastest browser in the west. 
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how come I can't see the F'ing video?
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Are you using Firefox? If so, it's sad to say but... use Internet Explorer...

I'm actually having the same problem on LMR and some others sites, embed videos just don't show... and i can't figure why (and i'm too lazy to reinstall everything)

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FireFox Works Fine.

I am using Fire-Fox Here with absolutely no Problems.

Its Configured very basically with no add-ons.

One of the biggest problems with video playback is the installation of i qoute "Codec Bombs" , ie programmes that install  30-40-50 video/audio codecs in one go - they can cause havok with the video settings.


I hope the links i included worked .......



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No idea why the embeded vids did not work for you.

I have inserted the Web links so this will take you direct to Youtube.........

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way that thing moves is creepy. Its great to see such an interesting project.