Let's Make Robots!

Saturday afternoon

Its a nice warm saturday afternoon and im sat here with my headphones on listening to music while my missus sleeps and my daughter is out swimming, theres a window next to me with a great view of the world going by and im about to start working on my cat laser project.


Im trying to make a power supply for it so ive got lots of soldering to do this afternoon, im hoping i can get the hardware built so i can start programing this afternoon.


What are all of your plans for your weekend and what are you all up to at the moment?  

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your having great fun! 

Renovating or repairing? 


Well, Sunday rather than Saturday, I finally got round to cutting through an old cast-iron soil pipe with a grinder to make a clean end to connect on modern plastic piping. I just ned to find a local source of McAlpine couplings to join old and new. I'd been putting this off for a while due to inexperience and uncertainty - no going back once youv'e started - but its turned out fine.

The sun was shining on Saturday so I finished replacing one of the slabs in the garden path with some old Victorian mosaic tiles. I also connected the hot and cold water supply to my downstairs kitchen.