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Picaxe 28 X2 is out!

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47 VARIABLES!!!!!!
That is going to be so cool!
This sounds great!! :D i love the individual pin control
New firmware bugs to find! Still it all sounds great. I wonder how quickly they come out at local suppliers?

They changed the contents of manual1. Look at those speeds. All X2 parts default to 8Mhz and the all new shiny 20X2 (didn't even know that one was coming) can run at 64Mhz!

[Edit] Rats! that one is a "future product" oh well.... 

Supposedly Rev_Ed will be shipping the PICAXE 20X2 on April 6.

ok this rocks... external program storage! all pins are adc/in and out... wow...
Am I reading this right? 4000 lines of code?!?!?!? --They say 4 mem slots @ 1000 lines each. And 3 interrupts. Where is the 40x2?!?

Check out the new manual2: You can run a program stored on an external EEPROM that means 32 external mem slots. You lose I2C functionality when you do that though.

You can even update your own program by reading it from an EEPROM over I2C...from code!