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Walk about

Well, I stumbled across this site and watched a few video's and got all inspired. I've been planning to make a fully autonomous robot for the last few months but never got around to it yet. However, I did have an Arduino controller lying around and several servos ... plus of course a box of Meccano!

This is my achievement from Sunday afternoon. It is based on the Lynxmotion EH1. I built the base from Meccano and did some basic programming into my Arduino to make it walk forward, backward, left and right. It doesn't walk in a straight line as trying to attach Servo's into Meccano is really hard! There are no sensors either as I haven't got any yet!

Anyway, I have just ordered a Sharp Infrared sensor, a motor driver and some other bits ... Also got lots of spare parts from a dead Roomba ... so hopefully my next project will be a fully autonomous motor driven robot.If that goes well I might concentrate on the Hexapod a bit more as I love insect-bots!



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thx guys! shame the front legs kinda dragged but thats meccano for ya!

Well hopefully my bits will arrive today so can start work on my real robot and play around with sensors :-)

funny creature  :)
Well done. Not bad for an afternoons work :D

First impressions can be deceiving. Good job you made a video. I thought for a moment that it was a quadruped!!!!!!!!!

Nice work!