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What are the must-have components?

Hi, i'm actually waiting for my picaxe pack, and with it i ordered some components like 330Ohm resistors and few leds, but i realized that i'm gonna need more stuff, so i'm going to order few additional things. Can you tell me what i should order? I think i'll need 4k7, 10k, 22k resistors, 4,7µf capacitors, and... and what? I have no idea...
Thanks for your help...

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Solderless breadboard and solid core wires to use on it, solderable breadboard (copper clad with holes) and headers and pre-crimped female to female wires, resistor variety pack including the 330 ohm 1K 10K,  0.1 uF capacitors to reduce noise on swithcing ICs, 10 uF on up to 470 uF electrolytic caps to serve as glicth busteres, 7805 voltage regs, 2N3906 transistors, 2N3904 transistors, 2N2222 transistors, 1N4148 diodes, 555 timer, 74HC04 hex inverter, 74LS47 7 segment driver, etc, etc

Cool thanks for the advices, i'm gonna order all those things :)

 "There is nothing worse then having to go to the shop for a 5c resistor to complete your project."  I hardly imagine!

"Sensors, servos and motors are also in the "can never get enough" category." I easily imagine...

i would also get a MAX232 (could be useful) and a few cheapo LEDs. But i agree with Oddbot, you should order mixed-value packs, like the ones you find on futurlec.