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Free Range Robots (and hallways)

Uff-da... So I have pulled the training wheels off of Walter and am letting him rove around sans fences. I have actually had great luck with pre-solving a lot of problems (table legs and driving under things) but still I am running into a few problems.

I ask this as an open question.

What is a hallway to a robot? --We all know the right-left-right-left-right-left problem with corners and now, I am finding the same with hallways but instead, with my outward shooting side (keep away from the wall) sensors. Not to mention, if it is a dead end, it is continuing to follow standard code, turning away from the obsticle when it gets to the end thus leading to a 1/4 turn away, finding it just turned into a wall and backing only to find its ass hitting the other wall. --Here are some senerios --tell me what you think.


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It will be difficult. Especially for a picaxe. I have been thinking about this for some time. Over a period of time things can move about in a room. School bags can be left on the floor etc. These can confuse the robot. When it gets to a juntion or node that appears different then it will have to rely on the previous nodes and junctions it did recognise to assume it is in the right place.
Try going around the house yourself blindfolded and only a stick for guidance. Think about what you must do to move around without tripping or running into walls. Then teach Walter to do the same.

It would be sooooooo educational!


This is where you now need to think about how Walter can map out your house and determine where he is and where he is going.

He needs to know where to go to charge and where the fridge is. Possibly a means of finding you would also be useful if you want him to give you the beer from the fridge before it gets warm.

Seriously though, Treat him as though he is a blind person with a low IQ. The rangefinders are like a white cane. He must map out where he is and determine if he's been there before and thus workout where he is. He must determine over time what are fixtures such as walls and what are temporary obstacles such as the dog. The doors might need a new category or be treated as a temporary object.

This is where your programming ability will be honed to a sharp point :-)