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Simple Picaxe Programming Question

I have what are probably two very simple questions about picaxe programming. First how do I create a line of code that only executes once for example a noise that only sounds once when the robot turns on. And secondly what is the difference between the gosub and goto commands for picaxe. Ive refered to the manuals but have had no luck.

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A) just put the code that makes the beep at the begining and don't loop back to it. --i.e. before your first label


The gosub (‘goto subprocedure’) command is a ‘temporary’ jump to a separate
section of code, from which you will later return (via the return command). Every
gosub command MUST be matched by a corresponding return command.

The goto command is a permanent ‘jump’ to a new section of the program. The
jump is made to a label.

...page 46 and 47

Makes perfect sense now, thanks for the quick reply.;)