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My phidget servo control wired to a IK arm control

Hello,   I've been working with my SES arm and phidget servo control, and started to understand how frustrating it can be to control a full robotic arm position on a per servo position basis.  I'm attempting to create something that is easy-to-use for anyone not familiar with programming or robotics and would like to try phidgets.

I have finally jumped into inverse kinematics  and will start to create a separate 'add in' control that will work in tandem with my phidget servo controls. 

Here is my plan (off the top of my head...):

  • Drag my phidget servo control to a windows form.
  • provide an x,y for the control position in 2d space for my second control.
  • provide a length of an object attached to the servo control.
  • If another phidget servo control is added, and properties are entered to attach to end of the object attached to another phidget servo control, repeat.
  • Display a graphical user interface, attach, and calculate each joint angle via inverse kinematics and allow each joint to be manipulated by clicking on a joint and moving the joint with a mouse.

Hey it's not much so far, but if you seen my phidget servo control last year,  then you know what to expect here.  We all  have to start somewhere!  A lot of work to do, and I'm very excited to get something going here.

This is a hobby project so, of course, It'll take me a while.  Thanks for allowing me to share here on letsmakerobots! 

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This is really cool, would be great to see the IK calculations!