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Asuro educational robot

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This is an educational robot kit produced by Dagu electronics based on the atmega 8 processor. The kit comes with all parts including a manual, CD, serial cable and IR serial link for wireless programming / data transfer. The robot comes with sensors for line following, oddometry (measuring the distance travelled by each wheel) and 6 bumper switches.

You will need soldering skills and a knowledge of "C" programming. An optional USB interface is available. Arduino users should be able to program this robot easily as earlier Arduinos used this processor.

There are add on modules available that allow for things such as ultrasound.

See more of their products here:  http://www.arexx.com/


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when using an oddometer. Ozzie invention, therefore a bit upside down.

Is that your workbench in that picture Russell? Nice economy in the PCB as base and the super simple gear setup, allowing for cheap motors.

It is a nice simple design for classrooms. The axels are soldered to the PCB. This is a good little platform to learn "C" on which is why DAGU sent it to me. So yes it's my workbench (keyboard tray actually :-)

If You are familiar with Arduino, a library for the Asuro already exists, called Asurino. The only problem is, you can't flash directly from Arduino IDE, because the Asuro bootloader is using a proprietary protocol and is not open source. Unfortunately, there is no ISP interface to flash the Asuro directly.

So you have to find out where Arduino saves the generated hex Files and flash these with the Asuro Flasher, or you build a wired connection to a PC as shown here.
I am still learning C (trying to find the time) so I have not had a chance to program the bot yet. I will just use the flasher to transfer the programs. I like the Arduino enviroment better for programming.

If the firmware code is available it should be trivial to upgrade the 'bot to an ATMega168 for double the code space (or a 'Mega328 for quadruple the space!).

OMG! Robots _and_ cigar accessories?! Hehehehe

I don't think this is anything more than an atmega 8 with a standard bootloader. The IR interface just uses the standard serial connections.
Ah, okay. I missed that it's intended to be programmed by the buyer/user. Guess I just assumed it came pre-programmed (yeah, I know better than assuming)
It does come with a selftest loaded in the chip so you can tell if you assembled the bot correctly. This selftest and a few other programs are on the CD.