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Bulk Buying

who hates those darn expensive local shops?

and its cheaper to buy em over the web but postage is too much!

well why not get together and buy products in bulk.

example: i want to buy 2 servos on the web $20 each but if i buy 10 its only $15 each.

if we get together in minigroups like states/country we buy products in bulk 20 sevos between 10 of us and the price goes down dramatically. and when it arives we just give them to people who ordered them.  to make it even easier why not recruit some people from around/ friends to do robot building with you and if you guys chip in together you dont have to pay as much.  

if you havent posted what contry/ state your from on http://letsmakerobots.com/node/631 do so please.

this is only an idea and it may not work but i think it has potential. =)

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well i do have a few friends that like robots and would agree to chip in when we  put an order in for something. so the honour thing is good plus ive known these guys for 6-5 years. =)
A very good idea, but it might get a bit complex wiring the money, and keep in mind it is based on the honor system, which is heavily flawed. Also, for one person to receive the object he/she would have to send it again costing more for shipping. A god idea, but there are some bugs to fix. :) Brennon
Only fix is a huge anual global meetup, where we meet 1.000 builders to share 10.000 servos etc :D
think is a nice idea