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Free DIPTRACE Upgrade

I've been using DIPTRACE for a number a years now and am a big fan of it. I was previously an EAGLE user and struggled with the learning curve.
The folks at DIPTRACE are offering a free upgrade to LMR forum members. This is not offered on their website.

Previously, the full function, free, non-commercial version, would do 2 layer boards of any size and up to 250 pins. The new upgrade will do 2 layers and 500 pins!

To get your copy, send a request to support@diptrace.com and say you heard about it on the LMR Forum. You will receive a registration key by email.
DIPTRACE is a very easy to learn PCB Cad package that, consisting of 4 programs - Schematic Editor, PCB editor, Component Editor and Pads Editor. This is full featured with all functions active. You can output from camera ready copy for photo or Toner Transfer methods to Gerber files for boardhouses. For you EAGLE users, there is the abiltiy to directly  import EAGLE files into DIPTRACE.
Note: this is a non-commercial version equivalent to the $145 DIPTRACE Lite. Non-commercial means that this is for personal use only--if you plan to make money for DIPTRACE created boards, then you must purchase the commercial license


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 I can see that my adherence to my philosophy of not installing a windows emulator on my mac is going to start to annoy me......


I just downloaded diptrace a few days ago and started playing with it! --I am loving it so far, this upgrade is fantastic! -Thanks for the post