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What wireless transceiver should I use?

Im planning on adding a wireless system to my next bot but am totally new to the subject. Ive decided on two transceivers for 2way communcation from both ends but have no idea which ones to get. Here are three possible options im looking into. My question is how hard is it to connect these to a picaxe and a computer and which one would be best for a beginner.





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G'day Ironman420.

I noticed that they all use the same chip so the only real difference is price, size and range. The first one has an unusual header that may make it less convieniant to use but it has more line of sight range.

Size wise I wouldn't worry as they are all small. I think they all support serial communication so range and cost are the only other factors.

I would choose the second one personally.

Thanks for the reply my man and good call on the unusual header. I have one more question i have ordered a cheap wireless camera system that also uses 2.4hz, will the transceivers and camera interfere with each other when used together?

Since 2.4GHz is a popular band most devices seem to have a means of finding a clear channel. For example my 2.4GHz cordless phone picks up noise from my 2.4GHz wireless broadband when I first pickup and then you hear it fade out.

I hope those receivers are the same. You need to read the datasheet on the chip they use.