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Securitiy & Multimedia Robot



This is Skully my first Pic robot.Still under construction. I am going to make it as a multipurpose Robot.


I have finish working on the head movement and hacking my MP4 player for the voice. I have include several photos

of the MP4. It's quite challanging to solder the wire in very limited space. 

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nice head movement 

Its great you are making so much use of unused debri from other machines. Love it !

YES!!!  Now this is a robot in my taste!

Give it some creepy strobes and some simulated blood stains and you got a robot!  -lol

Checkout my Evil Dead robot. Its the same kind of thing, only a bit more noobie.

I've clearly been watching too much of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - I see a robotic skull and panic! Good work though, the up/down motion is an unusual addition.
Love it, the scull gives it so much "personality"

The Vertical movement is so cool - any chance of a close up picture of the Mechanism.

Is the vertical driven by a continuous drive servo on "cog track" - or disk drive stepper motor/mech?.

Gareth you got it man. Its from my old vcd player disk drive.
I keep looking at the head up/down mechanism and thinking I recognise it. Is it from a printer? I use to repair them.
At first sight it reminded me of one of the house robots in Robot Wars

multi-purpose in what way? will it be looking for other body parts?

I think the BorG did this at one point !

Good Luck !