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"Puff " - The Magic Fire (Breathing-Fighting) Dragon.

Cliff Detection, Tracks Flames, Puts Out Fires, Dragons Breath Effect, Fright or Flight mode, Angry mode

"Puff " - The Magic Fire (Breathing-Fighting) Dragon.

Puff is able to Put out Fires - He Scans his Head to find the Flames - he orientates towards the Flame - and Blows it out.

If he fails to blow out the Fire within 2 sweeps then the "PANIC" mode switches in and he backs away to save himself from frying his "Chips".

Puff is able to Breath Out Fire, however this happens only when you annoy him (Angry Mode).

Puff is an Arduino based tracked autonomus Robotic Vehicle with "Cliff" and "Obstacle" detection.

( "Puff"  now has Red LED eyes to warn when he is about to fire the Flamming Breath - i installed this as a saftey feature after having a little miss-hap whilst loading the pyro tube "*+"ç*%*% it was live and fired blowing the glass tube out of its mounting  ekkk big bang and big cloud of smoke  :-)


























 Basic Setup

Custom Dragon Cut and Paste Skin.

Arduino Processor Plus Motor Shield.

2 Motors 224:1 (Track drive)

1 Servo (Head scanning)

1 Motor with Propellor fan

2 Light sensitive Probes

1 Pyro-Tube (Puffs Fire Breath)



























Here you can see one of the black-red tipped sensors resting on Puffs whisker.

These are 3cm long tubes with a LDR placed at the bottom of the tube.

The tubes are heat shrink tubes, so this enabled me to shrink the LDRs tight to the tube.

You need to completly mask any light from hitting the back of the LDRs or you will get serious measurment errors (the back of the LDRs are also Light sensitive).

 The Fan is for "Blowing out Fire" and just clips the underside of his chin - in the Video you can hear it shaving his chin hair.


The Glass Tube from his mouth is part of the Pyro System as he "Breaths out Fire".













 Set up of the 2 Gear motors

Ratio 224:1.


Here you also can see some neat, funtional  PolyMorph axle extensions.


"PolyMorph - Rules"






 Safety Feature No.1

 Newly Installed are the Bright Red "Angry Mode" LEDs.


These are a pre-warning that "Puff " is about to Fire his Pyro-Tube and send out a Flame that will do more than Burn your Toast.


At the moment he gets angry when you expose one of his sensors to bright light.


When the Red LEDs are off it also means that the Pyro-tube can be reloaded.



Safety Feature No.2

At the top of the picture is a battery used to fire the Pyro-Tube.

In line with the supply is a Reed-Switch - when a magnet is placed next to it - it switches on and Arms the Pyro-Tube ready for action (my magnet is glued to the underside of the Altoid Mint).

So i know when the Mint is in my pocket the system is safe.

To the left of the Picture you can see a relay that then fires the Pyro-Tube.

The LM340TS 7805 voltage regulator used for powering the motors (does not need heat sink as it runs very cool).






Head removed to show Scanning  Servo arrangement

Puff can turn his head 60-120 degree.

Any More and his head falls off.








Here you can see the positioning of the Sharp IR Sensor.

It does Two things 

(1) Cliff Detection - its angled downwards to focus on the floor 100mm away.

So when it sees a "Cliff" or "Drop off" the sharp gives a max. reading.


(2) Obstacle detection - amazingly by chance this arrangement above also works in the forward direction to detect objects - Phew .


 Puffs Dragon Breath Tests.

The Effect comes from a simple well known Magicians trick - totaly safe and easily controlled.

Puffs Outlook looks "Bright" so he has to Wear "Shades"




For those of you interested in how the Head/Body/Tail is made.

 Cutout can be obtained from Canon.

Its basically a Dragon printed onto Thick Photographic paper.

Then the Long_Long_Long Paperwork - cut-paste-cut-paste etcect.

The inside is therefore hollow so you can hide all the wires and motors etc......








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"Puff " is over the Moon - He is worried that he may need some "Fire Proof" skin now ......LöL

for linking me to the cannon website dude, my daughter has 2 weeks off for easter, i have taken time off to look after her and this has given us the perfect activity to do together. She has 4 already printed out and one thats half way done.


Cheers fella! 

Yes i too was "gobsmacked" by the quality of the models - (my dragon is printed 1/2 size)

(there are some Kinetic designs there too which could be motorized :-)

thank the gods that i refill my printer by bulk - i am even considering sticking a tube direct from the refill bottle - it would be worth it to escape the messy job of topping the ink cartridge.........

Enjoy your Cut and Paste together.........

For more "kinetic" paper models, check out the Flying Pig website 


There are a few free downloadable ones there.


Nicely done!

I think greeen LEDs for eyes would look cool. 

For anyone interested, you can get a Silhouette digital cutter (think of a light duty CNC for paper) on ebay for $99US. You can then put away the xacto knife.


Ah Cool -Then there is a light at the end of the tunnel -

- i thought i was tied to my cut and paste job - wow CNC paper cutting and reasonably priced if you consider the time saved when you mass produce - i had no idea these things where on the market.

Thanks for the Tip.....

 Green eyes - yes that would work (i am waiting for some Green "Flash Paper" and "Green smoke bombs to arrive - so the green theme is in i think) - it may be easy to tie it into the LDR flame circuitry - so during scan mode the left or right eye would flash.

"Panic" Mode and "Cliff" Mode  Video Posted

Showing how "Puff " deals with a fire he cant put out.

Showing also what happens when he tries to head off a cliff.

This is an amazing robot! It's so well designed and built! Great job man!

Thanks for the Cross links - much appreciated ;-)

Final programming development is not yet finished as yet (what with the pyro work and all) - as i am not sure what capabilities to include.

From the Replies above i have decided to give "Puff " an extra party trick .........

He will be able to Breath Fire.

(thanks for the tip TotoroYamada)