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Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller

Hey everybody, I was lloking around on the Pololu web when I found the Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller.

I was going to use it in my robot two control its 2 motors, but I was wondering how I was going to program the PICAXE to control this thing :P. Take a look at it yourself and tell me if you have any answers.  

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It just takes a serial string, and so you givet it one :)


serout blabla 

to get the thing recieve blabla (you must check the syntax for the serout-command, to send the way the polulu wants it) 

/ Fritsl

Why not just buy a SN754410 separately and control it with that? It is very cheap and easy to use.
I have purchased one for 1.79 at www.jameco.com.

One to two I/O pins for 2 motors vs 4-6, and the SN754410 doesn't do any PWM for you so you have to do it yourself. But of course it's much cheaper so sometimes it's the better choice.