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Need big motors

Does anyone have high torque output motors that they would be willing to trade or sell? 


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These will pull 10 lbs. and a whole lot more based on me trying to stop that output shaft there. I have several all are new pulled from unused equipment.They weigh mabye 12 oz each and i have been unable to rig something strong enough to stall them.Ie vise grips etc just spin.The rpm is about robot speed mabye 50 to 100 rpm.I run tested at 6 vdc and they pull 400ma at no load.load up to 1 a or more but never measured over that on them.Mabye someone with some gm10's to spare or gm3's would like a trade here............or anthing else too mabye a 28x1 kit board i could that for sure....

Thanks. I need motors that are capable of pushing around 8 to 10 pounds. 


Oddbot did that with his Mighty1.

I have 24V electric scooter and bike motors but depending on what country you live in then the postage could cost as much as the motors.

So you better tell us what country you live in.

Need more information of what are your target type of motor.

Operational Voltage?  When you say big, how BIG?

May be weel chair? Children electric (Power Weel type) cars type?