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new project: 3 servo exapod

i want top build my 3 servo exapod like this one  


it have to be half in size




i will try to use polymorph for legs and body

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well i have to explain more in order to obtain some support

Purpose of the robot:

it have to nav enviroment and lock on isolated thin vertical object like a bic lighter 

then reach those object, and grind them with his  claws... :)

 It will have 3 servo for legs movement and a servo to swing the head.. on the head there are sensors and grinding claws

so it can sweep environment swinging the head sensor

Servos: Hitec HS-55    (http://www.robot-italy.com/product_info.php?cPath=85_28&products_id=461)

Micro: picaxe

Sensors(under testing): PNA4602M (http://www.robot-italy.com/product_info.php?cPath=15_47&products_id=146)


well the problem is: what is the right power supply?

4x 1.2 v cells


5x 1.2v downregulated to 5v  





Noise built a dozen bots and only now wonders about batteries... Funny.

Go for rechargeables if you intend to "use" the robot for more than just a demo video. Those are circa 1.2 V. Most micro controllers and sensors do not mind the "missing 0.2 V" in the 4x 1.2 V setup.

Five cells will not last (much) longer, unless you are using a very advanced DC-DC convertor. And even then, going down from 6 V to 5 V will not give you much margin or extra energy. Compared to the four cell setup.

thank you for the answer rik

 i was thinking to 4.8 solution too

but i remember that 4.8 pack, when is full charged, can deliver more than 5v

 so it may be hazardous for some 5v component ?


well now the problem is that sensor do not work

this is the tutorial i was lookin


excuse me for italian crap


those are the answer i was looking for.... thank you m8s

i will report in soon...

it have to be able to lock and reach the ragret then engage the target

i am not sure to use grindig claws cause to complexity 

i was thinking to a saw operated by a pager motor

in order to acquire a proper alignment with the objet it have to get distance redings al close range too

i have tested ir led/diode (reflection) but it is not good

i will use a  Sharp GP2D120  IR 

and i will go blind under 4 cm

it's  awesome to work with poly...

it's a contiuous transformation during the building process

please help me

i have a malfunction on a servo...

i can not figure the problem, sometime it seems a wire malfunction ... but when servo stops to work , if i touch the leg it start to meve, but it moves slowly, then stop again, some time if i touch the plug it start or stop to work.... but it seem it have lo torque...


Charge the batteries?

i have replaced the servo...

this one is fucked... i think it's a problem of the internal control sistem



exapod wish double-malt beer during a cable download session  =D