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Phidget Servo Controls - 2

Am I blogging correctly?  I'm still a little new and a bit confused.  Sorry if I might seem to be spamming?

This is a video of my two controls working together. 

I still have a lot thoughts of how I'm actually going to present a final GUI and functionality, so this is just a starting point. Keep in mind, these are two separate controls. My intentions are to allow people to use my phidget servo control individually and/or use the IK control individually or, both at the same time, with as little code as possible.

Wired up my IK phidget control to my phidget servo control. here is a video of both controls with a Phidget Servo. I also create a sequence of poses for playback.

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Phidgets seem pretty cool. Kinda like a hackable connection between the real world and the computer world. But anyways, awesome project! Keep it up dude!

...and you're not spamming. You're adding to the awesomeness of this site!