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ir remote help please!!! and thank you!


i need help with this when ever i try to debug this with any of the 3 remotes i have at my use i get the same reply like for example i get 0 when i just press the button and i get 2730 when i hold the button, i even have inclued a screen, and for the code i switched the debug to 2 cuz 0 gave me problems


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The Code-ing looks a bit  "Over the Top"

Check out this posting on LMR i made earlier :-

Arduino IR Very simple code


The example code above is for a Sony IR remote, which uses the SIRCS-12 protocol. There are so many different IR protocols around (Philips RC5, RC6...), so it is difficult to say what IR remote uses what protocol, and of cause you need a different program for each protocol on your Arduino. Even Sony uses 3 different kind of SIRCS protocols, SIRCS-12, SIRCS-15 and SIRCS-20, so if you have an original Sony remote, you even don't know which Sony protocol it uses.

Do you have an IR receiver with the correct frequency? Sony uses 40kHz. Philips RC5, RC6 protocol uses 36kHz. A 38kHz receiver maybe work for both frequencies.

Here is a very good side, showing all different IR protocols.



i have a philips dvd remote, and a Citech no name remote, and the other one is umm 

http://www.mtsallstream.com/img/universalremote/univ_remote.jpg kinda remote. i got the receiver from a CiTech dvd player, so yeah

So the Universal Remote is the best choice here. You have to program the VCR or TV button with a Sony VCR/TV Device ID.

Look in the manual, how to program the buttons. You maybe have to try a few or all of the ID codes until you find a working Device ID. 

Here is the link to the remote manual: http://www.urcsupport.com/html.php?page_id=441 

lol i kinda cant use this remote ive just been testing it, cuz thje family uses this remote for the tv
I bought one for $5 and it works with the IR sensor sold at tech-supplies.co.uk. They sell the sensor remote combo for somewhere around $40 I got it for $6 with the sensor and the remote I bought. The only hard part is hooking up the sensor and cyling through the codes to find the ones that work easily.
So you need to buy your own universal remote, or your family can't watch TV for a while ;)
it does the same thing without the resistor too
maybe im not so helpful. But robotfreak sounds like he knows what he's doing!
Actually, it might be the other way around. Try removing the resistor that you connected to the sensor.