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New 32bit MCU from Microchip

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looks pretty good but from what i know and have experience they expect you to know everything below the level its working at.

i bought a PicKit1 Flash Starter Kit, it expects you to know how to program assembly!!!!!!!!! like hell!!!!!

They do not intend all their products for the fresh start hobbyist. They don't expect a brand new person at MCU to know what it is. You don't have to know assembly, you can program it in many languages.
its true.. for beguiners i don't advice.. i'm learning assembly now with a mc51 from intel at school, and its hard for me that have already a big amount of years with difrente programing languages..
maybe i get one 2.. why 26 may?
It hasn't been released yet, may 26th is the release date :)