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power needed to turn a dynamo

hello everyone i have a question

i have this dynamo 50 watt and am wondering what motor power is needed to get it turning 

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A dynamo generates D.C. current, and an alternator generates A.C. current.

The alternators has been gradually replacing the dynamos because of their increased performance and robustness.

If you want to obtain 50W, you need an engine of at least 0.067 horsepower.

It's important to know at witch rotational speed should turn the dynamo to provide full power.



be made out of wood. 

Either wind or water would be easiest. Both would need to be sturdy though. 


If there is a shallow fast moving stream


barel wind turbine 

 This looks like it could be made in an easier way if there werent the right tools about, its made from a barel. 




could probably be adapted for a small stream if thats any better.  


Not every part in the world takes electricity from the grid for granted. Not even every part that is connected with Internet. I just checked, Ariba is from Kenya (according to his profile page).

Not a regular origin for a robot builder on this site, but welcome of course. I reckon (Ariba please correct me if my assumptions are too coarse), that Kenya knows quite a few places where electrical power is something people generate themselves.

So, expanding on this (hazardous) assumption, I am going to guess that Ariba is not looking for an electrical motor to drive his dynamo. He is probably asking for suggestions for powering it through any other means. Let's be creative people!

Wind? Water? Internal Combustion? 

Bicycle wheel wind mill?
Oil drum water wheel?
Moped engine?

Are these the kind of suggestions you're looking for?

maybe he is after a kickstart for some kind of energy harvesting? 
If that is the case than definately do not get a motor > 50 Watt!
the heck is a dynamo?

This forum should have a "NMI" macro!

Please tell us what you're up to. This question has too little details. What (for example, I really am trying to help) what would be the purpose of this? Why drive a dynamo (alternator) with a motor? 

Quick answer: at least a 50 Watt motor, if you want the dynamo to produce at full capacity.

But: WHY!?