Let's Make Robots!


Follows light

This is the first robot of Bilal, one of my students. He wanted to build a robot without any programmable circuit nor connection to a computer.

It uses four SN74150 (digital multiplexers of 16 inputs) to take decisions, and some logic gates.


It has 4 LDR sensors to sense light in any horizontal direction.


Two wheels attached to two geared motors and a custom ball caster -made of a roll-on deodorant-.


Unfortunately it doesn't work. There are a lot of connections in the breadboards that fails sometimes.

The next step is to substitute the circuit blocs that works properly with perforated printed circuits.



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That is a big challenge. Even if you never get it working it is great to see the attempt. Can you post a schematic?

It reminds me of a bot I made as a kid with just wisker switches for sensors, diodes for logic and relays to control the motors.

Nice wiering, looks kinda chaotic

"It has 4 LDR sensors to sense light in any horizontal direction."

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." (attributed to A. Einstein)