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Qn regarding PICAXE Line Follower Kit

I'm new to PICAXE and I'm looking at the Line follower kit tgt with the micro-robot (pg 2 http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/AXE121.pdf). The 2 MCUs are connected via a ribbon cable but what's the command for them to communicate? Is it possible to reprogram the line follower so that it can detect "cliffs"?

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The code is at the bottom of page 2 that you referenced. I don't see a way to get it to detect cliffs.

init: pause 100 ‘ motor controller start up pause


if input1 is on then go_f ‘ forward

if input2 is on then go_l ‘ left

if input6 is on then go_r ‘ right

goto go_s ‘ stop as no line nearby

go_f: let pins = %10100000 ‘ go forward

goto main

go_l: let pins = %00100000 ‘ go left

goto main

go_r: let pins = %10000000 ‘ go right

goto main


let pins = %00000000 ‘ stop - not over line!

goto main 


the code is for the micro of the line follower right? what about the micro on the robot? or is the motor conrolled solely by the micro of the line follower only? either way, do the micro communicate?


I'm thinking since it uses 3 sets of IR sensors, it might be possible to use them to detect steep drops, assuming that the surface is of the same color so that the reflected light is the same.

That code is for the micro on the robot. The micro on the line follower board is, from page 1 of the document posted :

Components mounted on TOP of PCB (ie solder on bottom of PCB)
IC1 14 pin IC socket and pre-programmed PIC16F676

Pre-programmed means it is already programmed, all you need to worry about is the micro on the robot.