Let's Make Robots!

Fat Man and Circuit Girl

Nerd TV done right. Two people in their respective "labs" video chatting live for all to watch. Recorded shows on Vimeo.


Impresive geek biographies for the both of them.


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I now regret the Byron reference.

I would not want to see Jeri or Kari (any which one) in an FHM video like that. Don't get me wrong. Absolutely beautiful and exciting stuff. But I can get oodles of that at the click of a mouse.

Geek girls, intelligent, funny, charming and hacking all kinds of things - that is hard to come by rare.

Ok, sorry to cheapen your thread. Your are right of course. They are a rarity.
Yes well, there were lab experiments, sort of.......
She "rolls cars for fun". Does this make her the worlds worse female driver? Pity I'll never remember to watch it besides I'm geek enough that I don't need to watch other geeks.
I'm watching recorded shows. Jeri may very well be my off-season Kari (Byron).