Let's Make Robots!

Free Range Robots (IR Beacon) **UPDATED**

**Update 4.14.09***

OK, when you watch the video... 

First of all, it is like, 5 minutes -sorry. There is a point though promise, and that point starts at about 3:40 or so. Now, I can't stress enough, the code is wicked chunky as it was written in about 10 min. It is all "bang-bang" and not proportional at all. The final code should be about 10x faster, much more accurate with a lot less trial and error. For now, this is just proof of concept and indeed it has been proven. 


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I like your wall charger idea. I had the same idea in mind for placement of permenant beacons around the house. However, as soon as some money rolls in, walter is switching to a very big SLA battery for drive --30AH or so. The Dewalt battery pack is just temporary for testing.

On another note, riks cyclops is starting to show some real promise... Walter might have to make a switch from beacons...

Guess I can kiss that TJ-vacation goodbye! Bossman wont let me go.
Got some telescopic work this weekend.

That rocks Chris!

So I assume this is the next logical step?


So what kind of sounds are possible with a PICAXE?  I know when I was considering a re-charging unit for my bot, I wanted it to play a mp3 from a piglet nursing a sow :D  Wouldn't that be coool !

that would be awesome
Nursery rhymes don't travel well across cultural bounds. How about that mp3 here?
rik, you've never heard the sounds of a suckling piglet ?  It's pure rapture, the smacking, slurping, gulping, squeeling with joy that I would want to impart to any electronic device charging itself after finding it's mothers teet :)

I'm enough of a farm boy to know what you're talking about. And I get it now. I thought you were referring to a children's song I had never heard about.

That would be an awesome sound effect for a bot sucking juice from the wall indeed. Especially for a whole swarm of them fighting over (N - 1) teets...

Mp3 still appreciated ;-)

Really good dude, it works like a dream. 
I did everything exactly like the manual and I have used 3 different brands of sensors. All work

I use the one that radio shack sells because I live 40 miles out in the middle of the damn ocean and it's the only one I can get unless I want to spend 5 bucks shipping on a 1 dolla part!