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Can I output to servos and LEDs ?

I've put the 'servo chip' (bank of 330ohm reisistors) on my 28x project board, and it runs a servo great. Can I still use some of the other outputs to direct drive an LED in the same way i did with the darlington chip?



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Why do you need resistors for servos? I've never needed resistors to run servos from a picaxe.

Don't call it a "servo chip" because it isn't.


Frits describes adding the 4116R resistor bank (the yellow one that comes with the Servo upgrade kit for Picaxe 28x1 project board) in his 'How to make your first robot' guide, or he says you can use a single 330ohm resistor too. That's all I mean about 'using resistors for servos'. Is it correct to call it a 4116R?

I figure that without this in place, I might struggle to get a signal to the servo connected at output 0.

Can I still run an LED off the other outputs, without the Darlington chip?

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I don't use a starter kit. You shouldn't need a darlinton driver for LEDs because the picaxe can output enough to drive a LED. So yes run your LEDs and servos via the 330 ohm resistors.