Let's Make Robots!


I really do not know what it does


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If Google video is down, the videos can be found here:

Video 1
Video 2




The I really Do Not Know What It Is Thing!

I just had to do this - One day I may show more tricks with it..



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He he - it look so cool especially in the 2nd movie. Is the jerking of the left arm as he stands op intented or just some servo jitter?

That was just jitter from when i had crap code and not a dedicated servo controller. But hey - that kind of things can be inspiration.. possibly for later.. :) 

/ Fritsl

OMG, the second video is so cool, this robot has great potential. Keep up the great work!
well that was quite a random creation but its a robot all the same. =)

That's awesome :) Is that a 2-axis accelerometer, or 3-axis?


Seriously, though. Which accelerometer did you use? Did you get freebies engineering samples? 

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2, but so far I am only using 1 :)


/ Fritsl

How about making it walk? Or even run?

How about you build one and make it do that :D 

/ Fritsl

very nice, i loved the idea.. keep surprising us =D