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Basic circuitry and stuff

Well I was learning programming for a little bit now so I got bored and i want to try electronics and embedded stuff. Anyways.

I can understand how VERY(and I mean very)basic circuits work but I always have trouble with all those resistros transistors and all that. 

Where could I find a place(not my local library, already checked) where I could learn basics? I can easily program picaxe but thenever I get to putting it all up on a breadboard thats where all the hell breakes loose(although I'm quite skillful with soldering iron :)) 

What I need help is:

basic electronic components what they do and how they do it

how to build circuits with microcontrollers

Sensors and stuff

ohms law and what's the fidd between V, amp, Ohm and such 

and prety much anything else.


I'm a total noob @ this so your help would be apreaciated. A LOT. (since next semester I'm taking a science fair class and I'm goin to build a robot)

Thank you a million times! :)

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This is my 2 cents worth on LEDs. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4948

Explains the basics 

ok i have the starts of a series of books. its called  ... for the evil genius. its great! the guy who wrote em is one that understands beginners check it out on amazon. there is even one on mechatronics and robotics and pic mirocontrollers.

This last one is quite nice! Thanks for having posted it!
There are some real good youtube type videos too. They show in real time so you could pause duplicate and participate just tlike the other labs mentioned above.Thing is to get the basics the BIG 3   V=volt,I=current,O=resistance. Then the rest will follow that.

loads of really good tutorials out there, id say the best way to fidn tem would be google. 


search "electronic tutorials" or words to that effect.