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Hacked burgalar alarm

First off, if any of you know any Scottish people, get them to try and say "Purple burgalar alarm", they cant and just end up sounding silly. Its amazing. Just add Whisky for better results. 




Now, my burgalar alarm keeps going off when the battery goes flat or we have a power cut, which is pretty annoying. So as we dont use it any more because of the cats ive been given  permission from the long haired chief that i can hack it and see what i come up with. 


So im open to ideas.



I was thinking that maybe i could use guilbot as a security bot and have him go and investigate rooms when the movement sensors pick anything up  and have him record whats going on. 

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I'll get one of my (Scottish) kids up here in a moment to say "purple burglar alarm". I don't imagine they'll have much problem, so it probably won't be that funny.

BTW, the power cut seems to have afected your keyboard.

Jocks i know (including myself) strugle to say it. 

Thats just bad Education :D  

No, no problem at all. But then I pay a lot for good education.
well spent then :D
Edinbourough doesnt exactly have the thickest of accents. 

Kelvin Lawson has a really cool twitter burglar alarm project at:


I would like to try this sometime, but have it post to my facebook and twitter account. I think its a cool idea. If I was not home, and my alarm went off, out of all my friends I would think someone would get ahold of me. Plus you could have it email you and even sign up for a web based txt account and have it send you a text msg. 

You could have the bot roaming and report status msg back. maybe an RFID tag that gets read from different sectors. Sector one, all clear. Time is 10:53 PM.

Intruder Alert! Lower level, Sector 2, Time is 10:55 PM, Video Activated. Video Broadcasting live stream. MSG sent.

Deploying tracking Measures.... 

Then paint the crook with neon glow paint, lol 

the idea of status reports. I could even have him going round checking the movement sensors in each room work lol 

Our bot has one of these types of cameras on it. Not this particular model, but similar. it works very well for video feeds. No coding needed. just plug it in and video is displayed on your tv. on the bot the camera runs off a 9v battery.


a cmos camera ready for my next lurning curve, might be a good project to lern what to do with it. 





Im still not sure how to get the picture from there to my pc wirelessly.