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40x2 is out

Well, it looks like the 40x2 is out... The picaxe website seems to have it. Before I make an order from England, has anyone seen it available in the US or Canada?

If I do order from the UK, what's that excange again? I double the pounds and that is just a little higher than it would be in greenbacks?

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the exchange rate is $1 NZ = 0.40 pound, arrggghh the pain.!
Exactly what did it cost to ship?

You find out the us AIR mail shipping costs on the order form.

On orders up to 10 pounds ($14) the shipping is 4.50 pounds ($8)

On orders 10.01 to 49.99 pounds, shipping is 12.50 pounds ($19)

On orders from 50 - 99.99 pounds, shipping is 19 pounds ($27).


It still is less than US supplier prices. I usually place an order just under 50 pounds.

PAYPAL does the currency conversion with the latest rates.

Plan on about 10 days for delivery. 

(yes guys, the US keyboards do not have a "pound" key)



I just ordere ome 28x2's from Rev_Ed. Shippiung costs are a bit high. the best deal is to keep your urder under 50 pounds (about $70US) . Above that the shipping costs are much hgher.

It turns out that you are still below the US costs for the same items in a 50 pound order.


If you have a small order under £10 costs £4 to ship. If it goes even £.01 over it bumps shipping to almost double.

for converting www.xe.com is good cause realy easy to remember

I thought the dollar sucked more than that. 1.5:1 is a lot better than 2:1... I have been figureing on double, the money I am saving (that I thought I would have spent) should cover the shipping.
Is was about 1:1 in January - we were getting $1.02 per £1.00 at retail.
other way for us, used to be a bargain shopping in the US =/