Let's Make Robots!

Number One

Navigate around via IR.

Hi All,

I just completed my first robot project.  It's based on a dsPIC33FJ32MC202 DSP.  I used the Tamiya track kit and dual motor gearbox for the vehicle base.  A L298 bridge controller was used to control the motors and a Sharp GP2D12 mounted on a RC servo was used for ranging and navigation.

The Chassis:


The Motor Controller Board:


The dsPIC33FJ32MC202 DSP board:


Boards Mounted on Chassis:


Completed Robot:



I'll post video as soon as I make one.


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need more INPUT Stephenie!!

I'm really crazy to make robot. I wanna know your robot circuit diagram , inside what r u using also.

if u don't mind, i wanna make one like yours. Can u email me detail ur all circuit diagram how i make it. 

Tks my email is taurus.dj@gmail.com


Starting a blog showing the design of this robot.  I've added 2 more IR sensors for wall tracking and improved navigation and adjusted the gearbox so it is now quiet(those tamiya gearboxes are really noisy!)

What did you do to the gearbox to quiet it down? I still have 1 from an old bot that I want to reuse but it sounds awful.

Yeah, I'd love to know too. I have a Tamiya track and dual gearbox I'm planning to use soon, but the noise!

i'll backup that request.  I hadn't intended it, but your design is strikingly similar to what I'm working on currently, and these Tamiya dual gears are louder than necessary.


 nice robot.

how did you make your robot turn. Arent Tamiya track set orange wheels on two sides connected to each other by a long shaft....if wheel on one side turns...it will make the other one on the opposite side turn too.

I am in the process of making my first robot. I have Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox and Tamina Track set. If I am right.....to turn the robot i will have to just turn only one motor and shut down the other. If this is the mechanism....then how would tamiya track set be used. 

The shafts are NOT connected and they CAN turn in opposite directions at once.


thanks for your quick response.  

i still dont get it.

if you look at the photo below, I drew a box to show the long shaft. Even if one wheel is turned by one motor.....this long shaft will make the other side rotate too. wouldnt it? 

 wouldnt only one wheel turn when only one motor starts. then it would make the wheel of the far right turn too (because of the track)....and then the long shaft would turn....and that shaft would make the wheel on the other side turn too.


Oh the OTHER side?! I thought you were talking about the gearbox...

Simple, the wheels aren`t stuck to the axle.

Do you have this set actually in your hands now?