Let's Make Robots!

Number One

Navigate around via IR.

Hi All,

I just completed my first robot project.  It's based on a dsPIC33FJ32MC202 DSP.  I used the Tamiya track kit and dual motor gearbox for the vehicle base.  A L298 bridge controller was used to control the motors and a Sharp GP2D12 mounted on a RC servo was used for ranging and navigation.

The Chassis:


The Motor Controller Board:


The dsPIC33FJ32MC202 DSP board:


Boards Mounted on Chassis:


Completed Robot:



I'll post video as soon as I make one.


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Yeah, now is really good job. Greetings for the PBC: I've tried to make one too, but it failed.
how neat it is, id love to be able to put things together and make them look as good as tha, mine always seem to come out as bundles of confusing wires with big splodges of solder all over the place. 
Hey -go over to sparkfun and do some searching of thier "blog posts". I can't remember specifically, but I swear I saw some mention of some MacGyvered systems working with SMT's. I think it was a hot-plate or a heat gun -something. I'll do some looking and see if I can find anything for you. And to be honest, SMT scare most people -You are the oddball to think they are easier! (...and that makes you cool)
He has a sort of number-5 look (I hope you dont mind me saying that). Especially from the front. is this bot inspired by the one from the "short circuit" movie?
No, he wasn't inspired by #5 but it did come out with a resemblence.  I don't mind at all, I take it as a complement.
Jimmyt please Could you tell me how to make The Motor Controller Boards
What do you want to know? Layout or etching?
Great bot! I have just assembled the twingear /motor kit that you have on yours for my next project. What ratio are you using?
I used the 114.7:1
those custom boards look very impressive, i'd rather have something like that instead of the 28x1 project board. Nice work.