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why won't my phone charge?



Just kidding. This is scraping the bottom of relevancy though.

Could you perhaps point me to a good documentation source for charging a 3.6 V battery in an old Nokia? Or could you solve my problem directly for me?

My dad is about to go walkabout in the south of Europe. He bought a 12 V photovoltaic power source that folds like a wallet. He seeks my help on the simple stuff, like mechanical compatibility of connectors and pinouts. And soldering.

That's the easy stuff. I managed to hook up V+ and GND correctly to the phone. But it still won't charge. It obviously knows what I am trying to do, but teases me with one liners like "please reconnect the charger". Like that would do any good.

So, unless you already linked me the right pdf or DIY phone community, let's make Nokia charging robots!

I noticed the original charger uses three wires in its cable. Red, Black and Brown. The charger puts out V+ (6.2 V nominal) onto red and brown when not plugged into the phone. Any ideas what the function is for this extra wire?

I am also concerned with the varying output voltage of my source. Depending on light exposure it will produce anywhere between 0 and 15V. It is rated as 12 V and some 433 mA. Would the Nokia protect itself against anything higher than 6.2 V? Is this the reason I am failing here? Should I put in a regulator? Should it be 6.2 V or 3.6 V ?

And first off: would that convince my phone to accept the charge?
And way after that: what about efficiency?

Any help appreciated.

Update: found the model in image search: it's in the 3300 family. Probably a 3310.

Nokia 3310

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capacitors, diodes and a transformer.


WOuld a picture help at all because i really dont know what im looking at.  

5 minutes and i will open mine up to see. 
What is in a Nokia charger for 12 V cars?

nokia phone charger here, want me to hook my multi meter up to it and get some readings? 



Red +7 V

Brown +7 V

Black 0 V

Thanks though.