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Design a traking system

hai everyone here, i'm diploma electronit electrical student and i have to do final year project for this year end,by now i got a idea what to do to the project but now i'm headache with what's the coming step i take to continue my project.My project is consist of 2 part, the 1st part is the server circuit which is only avaliable for parents to use on it , and the other part is a Adevice is for thier child.The server circuit can manage to set the distance apart from the Adevice with the server cuircuit, and once the Adevice is out of the range of the distance the server set, automatically the server ill vibration and buzzle rang out to alert the parents that thier kid is until dangerouse condition, 2nd benification is there is a button on Adivice can be pressed by the kids to send signal to the server to alert the parents that they are in dangerous so that the parents can be known easily.Normally i think my project coverange range is not far not 400meter means that the server signal radius is 400meter, 3rd benification is this server system can use to deteck more than 1 device means other than Adevice still can achieveable for Bdevice,Cdevice...10 maximum. My project main point is aim to the parents to thier kids or pets. so that the parents can find thier child easily.so now ,How to find themhow to track them? i think on this way, maybe using of RF or what i really dun know in the server, than from the server it can lead us to the device with interfacing the signal of the device and find the location with the sound provice from the server. just get the signal where thier kids location is!Not GPS system pls because it is 2 expensive to me! For my expectation the server size is just like a size of iphone and the device we deteck is just like the size of automatic door sensor. So i hope somebody  can tell me how 2 produce the signal, how it receive to this design, and also the distance setting ability how 2 make it. i applogize for my broken english.Pls do help me provide me more information TQ 

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First off please make that one giant paragraph more readable by adding whitespace.

If you are doing it outdoors look into some radio frequency modules. You could make a set for under $100 US if you shop around. IR is likely out due to distance and outdoors would kill reliability.