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So I got a "Vex" Starter Kit for Free!!

So here's the deal folks, I scored this cool "Vex" starter kit... FREE!!

 It is not actually a robot as it sits, more a build-your-own R/C car (you have to buy additional doo-dads to program it). However, EVERYTHING is hackable. Everything is a standard servo, either a 360 degree "motor" servo or a standard one. There are plenty of gears, collars, axles, wheels and the like.



This is simply the most solid, changable robot test bed one could ask for...

For example, I wanted to try a three wheel robot with the third wheel being steered by a servo, well...



Now here's what's cool, the transmitter is very, very programable. --I simply programmed it to "mix" the main steering channel and the back wheel servo. Right now I have it set to turn the servo 50% of how far the stick is moved. I can adjust how much is mixed on the transmitter.  --Back to the cool part-- I should be a peice of cake to program a 28x to "mix" two channels and sence I have done an "erector-set" prototype I know the mechanics will work.




Another thing I like is the main drive is with servo motors. They only need one output each to work thus freeing up 2 channels and no need for a L293D. Very Cool.  --I'll get you all some video soon. 

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I bought a lot of Vex stuff when Radio Shack cleared it out at half price a few years ago.  I got the starter set, and all the add ons they had.  Structural parts, sensors, programmer, track kit, gears, extra servos and motors, (actually, the motors are continuous rotation servos.)  Rechargeable batteries etc.  I wasn't going to get the rechargeable batteries, but then I saw how many alkalines I'd have had to buy.

Turns out that the software is only licensed for three installs.  Had I realized that, I might have been more careful where I installed it.  But when I couldn't reactivate it, I kind of lost interest and got into Arduino.

You got a terrific deal and lots of good stuff there Chris.

Wow! How did you get that! If I could get my hands on one of those, I would go crazy with excitement!

I like Vex parts. Granted they are ridiculously priced but they really are better than Erector sets and most other builder kits.

Now you just need to make something unique with it.

I built an art bot with my Vex kit.

How do you calculate the angle of the rear wheel compared to the proportion of the two frontwheels?

...and the rotational servos? They happily drive those sodding big wheels at the back? 

 Lookin' good.

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gratz.. nice looks

Look great! Is it solid ??

The only thing i don't like about vex is the estetic.. That greenish color is not nice. Anyway, looks like a great kit for the structure of the robot!

Was it free due to a contest or a free "sample"? Looks like a nice set of parts! We need a seperate forum section for free stuff ;) I've seen a few people talk about being able to get free samples from places.
If nothing else, it looks like a great bunch of parts.  And at a great price!  Congrats.