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Wall-e Toy Modified

It's been along time since project Wall-e, but now he is being re-vamped with DJ Sures Easy-Robot module, awesome.

You can get it at http://www.ez-robot.com


My Robot is a Wall-e Toy, i got the idea from DJSURES (Thankyou for that)

I took apart the wall-e toy, extracted the voice eprom so i could use it. Added two arm servos, two continuos rotation drive train servos, 1 neck servo, and 1 head tilt servo. Also two IR distance sensors.

This project has been very, very fun.

I would highly recommend the $35.00 wall-e push toy, for surgery. 
















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It's been awhile but wall-e project is about to get revamped. I am excited !


 Nice looking wall-e.

 I'll start posting my code on my site soon. But I'm using a PIXAXE, not an arduino, similar.

 Do you just have the one sensor on the bottom? I have the same Sharp sensor, couldn't find a place for it so I attached it around Wall-e's neck. Not the best ,but at least I can get distance measurements from left, centre and right directions.




 I see now from your pictures that you have a sensor around the neck also. Do the two sensors conflict with each other?

No the sensors operate independentley, no problems. But like i was saying i have very basic coding.

Hello Tbent,

 I have been looking at your code, I have identified a few things you should check, (I will do more over the weekend, I have just got home and have not slept in 20 hours so I need some rack time).

Firstly the mail look

You do two comparisions

 if (distance < dmintemp)  and if (distance < dmintemp) 

both these are true the first time through and the net result is

dmaxtemp = dmintemp = distance;                now = 50
dAngleMaxTemp = dAngleMinTemp = ArmAngle;       

I could not find anywhere where you set ArmAngle to any value (uninitialized)

 I will look some more on the weekend

all the best


It is just cool!!!

Hi Tbent,

quick question, you are outputting the value of the forward Sharp IR to the serial port, what values are you seeing?

Do you get a increase in value as you move say a peice of paper closer to the detector? once you get to about 8cm the value will start dropping again due to the geometery of the detector.

 all the best


Hey Tbent,

 do you have a diagram of how you have wired up the sensors? I am trying to "reverse engineer" the circuit from the code but I am not sure about things like bias resistors and it is a little hard to see from the photos.

 I am working on a subsumption library for the Ardunio, it's a bit stalled because I am overseas at the moment.

all the best


I have the two sharpe i/r sensors hooked up, just simply power and ground to each one, then the blue wire (Vout) to the analog input pins #0 , and #1 on the arduino board.


  Thankyou very much for looking at the code.



I would like him to wander around autonomously, exporing. But maybe when i learn how to code properly i will get him to do that.