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Wall-e Toy Modified

It's been along time since project Wall-e, but now he is being re-vamped with DJ Sures Easy-Robot module, awesome.

You can get it at http://www.ez-robot.com


My Robot is a Wall-e Toy, i got the idea from DJSURES (Thankyou for that)

I took apart the wall-e toy, extracted the voice eprom so i could use it. Added two arm servos, two continuos rotation drive train servos, 1 neck servo, and 1 head tilt servo. Also two IR distance sensors.

This project has been very, very fun.

I would highly recommend the $35.00 wall-e push toy, for surgery. 
















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do you have the cool tracks?

an idea: you could put solenoids in the arms.

with making him move yet? 

Hi again Edgee, i do have him moving with a program i found called serb, thought i would try it. It's cool. But i will start writing my own routines and piecing them togehter, i am just still trying to figure were to place the routines, it's coming.

Thanks Edgee

Using toys as robot bases is a great and cost effective idea!

The toy manufacuter has done most of the the hard work and there are usually a lot of extras.

Plus you can find "retired" ones at garage sales for realy cheap.

I just dug out a RUMBLE ROBOT from the attic, that I am working on. Here's a link to how it works http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/rumble-robot.htm

I see that there are still a few on ebay for under $10 -- that is the cost of a standard set of motors. 



Edgee has already asked about the first step, does it move ? The best thing to do is try to get the motors to turn and just get the robot to drive forward, turn, spin, go backwards. The second step would be to read the sensors and report the values, then put an object in front of the sensors and see how the reported values change. Write a short program that simply tilts the head up, down, right, left. As you write these small subroutines, save them all, you can start to combine them later to get the robot to move around on it's own and react to it''s environment.

Thanks to RascalRobot for that advise.


I have made him move.

I have quite a bit of code already but i am still trying to figure out how to piece together bits of other code.

I do have the cool tracks for him, Calculon320.


I would like him to wander around autonomously, exporing. But maybe when i learn how to code properly i will get him to do that.

Hey Tbent,

 do you have a diagram of how you have wired up the sensors? I am trying to "reverse engineer" the circuit from the code but I am not sure about things like bias resistors and it is a little hard to see from the photos.

 I am working on a subsumption library for the Ardunio, it's a bit stalled because I am overseas at the moment.

all the best